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Very Short Fiction (2)

February 17, 2013

Here’s the second submission I made for that micro-fiction, very short story project:

You heard right, I’m the one.  Not just any Recall for hire, I’m the best there is.  There’s not another Recall out there that will, that can, do what I do.  But if you’re here you’ve already figured that out.

Why, the praise, you ask?  It’s simple really; I do it all.  If the price is right you get to remember living your dream, that’s all there is to it.  And, unlike most, I don’t care what your request is, nothing’s off limits.

That’s right, nothing at all.  That, my friend, is the unique service I offer.  See, regular Recalls, they can’t do what I can do.  Some might try, but they just can’t handle the guilt.  It was a safeguard against… well, against me I suppose.  All the recall implants available currently have a forced back-up system built in.  Anything recorded is permanently loaded into the user’s long-term memory.  They can’t forget what they did, no matter what they do, how hard they try.

There were actually several reasons for the hard-code brain backups, don’t get me wrong.  For one, the Recall in question can always redownload the memory package again if the first is lost or corrupted.  For another it made Recalls great for legal work and anything else that required fast, flawless memory.

What the safeguards are really for, though, is the guilt.  See, a typical Recall has to live with the memory they record forever.  They start taking jobs recording and selling memories of, let’s just say, questionable activities and before long those memories just eat them alive.

Not me.  I’m one of a kind.  Literally.  The last prototype Recall still on this side of alive.  These old implants…  not the safest thing a person has ever put in their head.  Burned most of us out.  Maybe electrocuted is a better way to put it, I don’t know, never was all that interested in the specifics.  Physically fried large parts of our brains is what I’m saying.  Killed almost all of us.

I’m the lucky one.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, damn recall implant torched my head good.  But in my case it just burned up the parts that care about things like shame, morality, and crazy things like ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.  Oh, and these early implants, no permanent backup system implemented.  I can forget everything.  No PTSD for this little black duck.

Call me what you will, and many have.  Sociopath, lunatic, bastard, clown, I’ve heard it all.  And most of those people are probably right.  But I’m also your man for anything you want to ‘remember’ having done, just so long as your money’s good.

So step right up.  Don’t be afraid.  Well, not of me anyway.  What memories do you want me to make for you?  Drugs, murder, kinky sex stuff?  I don’t judge.  I don’t care.  Hell, pay me in cash and I don’t even need your name (unless using it is part of the memory you want, tend to get that more with the sex stuff…).  Most of the simple requests I can experience and upload to you in a day or two.  Complicated requests may take a week or two.  Still, I take pride in my work, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

So, what will it be?  Come on, I don’t have all day here.


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